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Motorized Screens

Sentry Screens. Need description.

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Perfect for your patio or porch

East End Awnings are Long Island’s experts in custom-fit motorized retractable screen and fabric wall panels.

Features of our Sunesta Retractable Motorized Screens:

• Keep insects out of your home
• Provide shade from excessive sunlight
• Keep your home cooler (and you're a/c costs down)
• Added privacy
• Natural ventilation
• Protect your furnishings from sunlight fading
• Create more useable indoor / outdoor space in your home
• UV protection

Sizing and Fitting of our Sunesta Motorized Screens/Fabric Wall Panels

All our screens are designed and made to fit your home. We can make a single screen in any size up to 25 feet wide and up to 16 ft high. So you can have a beautifully streamlined look to add value to your home. We are happy to call out to your home and discuss your needs and show you samples and images of other screens we have fitted.

Design and look of our Screens

We consult and advise at every step of the way. Making sure the screen we fit is a perfect match for your interior and exterior is a priority for us. Not only can you choose a mesh color to match and enhance the design of your home but we will help you choose the fixtures and fittings that will best compliment your home. No detail is left out, as we take pride in fitting a perfect screen for you. every time.

Screen Mesh types

There are several types of mesh to choose from. We are happy to discuss your needs and show you samples of each type. So whether you want an open mesh that blocks insects but lets the breeze and heat in, or a tight mesh to keep the interiors cool talk to Carol or Bill. We have been fitting screens for over 21 years and are happy to share our vast experience with you and ensure you get the perfect screen for your home.

Motorized Controls for your Screen

We use Somfy Systems for the control and sensors of our screens. They have been proven to be one of the US leading suppliers of automated controls. And since we offer a guarantee on all our work it is obviously not in our interest to use anything but the best system.

You will love how your screen retracts or lowers at the touch of a button.

Hand held remote or wall mounted controls

Control of your screen can be using a handheld remote or with a wall-mounted unit. They can be programmed to work independently or with existing controls in your home. Oh and don't worry if you leave something in the way of the screen – the smart stop sensor will know about it and stop the screen from lowering automatically.

Why you want one of East End Awnings Screens

• Effortless motorized control
• Custom fit to blend seamlessly into your home
• Retracts at the touch of a button
• Custom color choice to enhance your décor / house design
• High-quality screens and motorization
• We carry commercial and residential grade screens.

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"Excellent service, efficient, reliable."

Patricia C

Sag Harbor, NY

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