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Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters: Our Products

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Easy to Operate

All our hurricane shutters can be operated by one person, so there is no need to panic if you are home alone when you hear the weather warning. The controls are so easy and quick to use you can have all your windows and doors protected in a matter of minutes.

Hurricane Shutters made to fit your home

As with all our awnings and shades, we will work with you to find the hurricane shutter that best matches your home design. Your shutters may offer a very valuable function but that does not mean they can’t be blended into your home seamlessly.

Once you have decided which shutters you want we will measure them so that your shutters are fabricated to be an exact fit for your windows and doors.

Hurricane Shutters: Services

Worried about storm damage to your home?

Hurricane shutters can literally save you thousands in water and storm damage. Having Hurricane shutters installed on your window and doors means you can rest easy when you are away from home or worried about impending bad weather. Hurricane shutters provide the added advantage of extra security too.

• Protect your window and door openings from storms and bad weather
• Prevent water damage to your home or business
• Increased energy efficiency
• Increased security
• Black out light effect
• Reduced noise

All East End Hurricane Shutters come with the following:

• Motorized or manually controlled Hurricane Shutters
• Manual override in case of a power outage
• Easy to use and operate
• Large range of colors and styles to choose from
• Minimum box housing to disappear when not in use


Hurricane Shutters: Pro Gallery
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